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UK Horizons
UK Horizons logo.svg
UK Horizons logo from 1997-2001
(BBC Worldwide/Virgin Media Television)
Launched1 November 1997
Closed8 March 2004
Replaced byUKTV Documentary,
UKTV People
(no longer active)
(at time of closure)
ONdigitalChannel 43
NTLChannel 137
TelewestChannel 225
Channel 226 (+1)
Sky DigitalChannel 564
Channel 565 (+1)

UK Horizons was a television channel broadcast in the United Kingdom, as part of the UKTV network of channels, showing mainly BBC documentaries. Most programmes were abridged for commercial timing purposes. It took its name from the BBC series Horizon, which formed a staple of its output in the early years.[1]

It was launched on 1 November 1997 along with UK Arena and UK Style. It also produced extended versions of top BBC brands such as Top Gear and Tomorrow's World. The launch editor was Bryher Scudamore and the deputy editor Eddie Tulasiewicz.[2]

On 8 March 2004, the channel was replaced by two new channels, UKTV Documentary (now called Eden) and UKTV People (later called Blighty, and then replaced by Drama).[3][4]


  • 999 (Now on Really)
  • 999 Lifesavers (Now on Really)
  • Accident and Emergency (Now on Really)
  • Airport (Now on Dave)
  • Ambulance (Now on Really)
  • Animal Hospital
  • Animals in Uniform
  • Animal Park (Now on W)
  • Are You Being Cheated
  • Back to the Floor (Now on Really)
  • Blues and Twos (Now on Really)
  • The Blue Planet (now on Eden)
  • The Builders (Now on Really)
  • Clarkson's Car Years
  • Chopper Coppers (Now on Really)
  • City Hospital (Now on Really)
  • Cops (Now on Really)
  • Crash
  • Crimes and Firelines (Now on Really)
  • Crime Pursuits (Now on Really)
  • Crime Squad (Now on Really)
  • The Cruise
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Drive Hard
  • Disaster
  • Doctors at Large (Now on Really)
  • Doctors to Be (Now on Really)
  • Elite Fighting Force (Now on Yesterday)
  • Firefighters (Now on Really)
  • Forensic Files (Now on Really)
  • Full Circle with Michael Palin (Now on Eden)
  • Gladiators of World War Two (Now on Yesterday)
  • Global Cops (Now on Really)
  • Grime Files (Now on Blighty)and
  • Inferno (Now on Really)
  • Inside the Criminal Mind (Now on Really)
  • Lifeboat Rescue (Now on Really)
  • Life on Earth (Now on Eden)
  • The Life of Mammals (Now on Eden)
  • Life in the Freezer (Now on Eden)
  • Local Heroes
  • Mind of the Murderer (Now on Really)
  • Pole to Pole (Now on Eden)
  • Radical Highs (Now on Dave)
  • Raw Blues (Now on Really)
  • Rescue Heroes (Now on Really)
  • Robot Wars (Now on Dave)
  • Robot Wars Extreme (Now on Dave)
  • Sahara with Michael Palin (Now on Eden)
  • Scenes of Crime (Now on Really)
  • Serial Killers (Now on Really)
  • Top Bikes (Now on Dave)
  • Top Gear (Now on Dave)
  • Top Gear GTi
  • Top Gear Waterworld
  • Trauma (Now on Really)
  • Vets in Practice (Now on W)
  • Vets to the Rescue (Now on W)
  • Walking with Beasts (Now on Eden)
  • Walking with Dinosaurs (Now on Eden)
  • Wildlife on One (Now on Eden)
  • Wildlife on Two (Now on Eden)
  • Your Life in their Hands (Now on Really)


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