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Me and my oldest, on a fallen tree, August 2004. (My oldest boy still features at caesarian section)

My real name is Erich Schulz. I am a registered medical practitioner and specialist anaesthetist in the state of Queensland. Before you start chatting to me in German, I should tell you that my father's father was the Australian born son of two emmigrants from Pomerania in about 1895. I am named after my grandfather. My German is just adequate to order beer.

My wikicontributions are extremely sporadic, but I lurk still and may be drawn in from time to time. I love Wikipedia, even though though lately whenever I attempt to add a page some anonymous person (of unknown age or background) with admin privileges seems to want to delete it!

user:erich gasboy/sandpit

How I got here[edit]

A colleague sent me to Wikipedia when I asked for information on isomers. At the time I was supposed to be studying for a big postgraduate exam. Despite acute Wiki-addiction I passed on Monday 29 March, 2004. A bit of a surprise as I was very nervous about it and procrastinated a lot!!

Personal background[edit]

  • I have a degree in Medicine from UQ, FANZCA and also an MBA from QUT.
  • I have a long interest in knowledge engineering including publication in peer-reviewed journals ([1] [2]), and a few others...
  • I am congenitally good with computers (but a congenitally bad speller), being very proficient with SQL and, having just started, reasonably good at PHP - see my website if you don't believe me ;-)
  • I enjoy my work as an anaesthetist (= 'anesthesiologist' in AE) in my spare time.
  • In my other lives, i've spent a few years as a Medical Administrator before I recovered my senses and returned to a job that was fun. I spent a fair amount of time on HR issues and complaint management. Medical Admin is not fun and I didn't like it at all. I don't think I was much good at it either (toooo blunt). God bless user:Ratgurl for encouraging me to quit.
  • Many many years ago (well the late 1980's to be precise, god I'm old) I used to have a private pilot's licence (Cessna's mainly)
  • I used to SCUBA dive too once, but (I think I'm getting too wheezy now)
  • I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my wonderful wife and two three lovely children.
  • We also share our house with a couple of pet rats and five eleven two one chooks and two guinea pigs.
  • Our house is over-run with possums and scrub turkeys.

The Dudes[edit]


Wiki goals[edit]

I personally strive for

  • objectivity, clarity, brevity and coherence
  • honesty, kindness, tolerance and understanding


As of about April 2004, I have started exploring the technical aspects of Wiki knowledge. I have gotten as far as establishing two domain names and

Bedlamhouse is our house on-line... but its a bit quiet because i've been distracted by gasboys !

I'd like gasboys to evolve into an online educational facility aimed primarily at anaesthetic (anesthesiology for you Americans!) trainees. I'm seeking to create what could be called a 'wikiMCQ' database. I have my own set of about 4000 questions I used to study for the above exam which I'll use as a seed... If you're interested drop by my living room and leave me a note!

Anaesthesia stuff[edit]

These pages are very patchy...

  • drugs are old and many have a 'narcotic'/abuse emphasis
  • most new drugs aren't there!
  • gizzmos' are missing

Must look up[edit]


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