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Given name Alternate
Style name
Trad. 白居易 樂天
Simp. same 乐天
Pinyin Bái Jūyì Bó Jūyì Lètiān
WG Pai Chü-i Po Chü-i Le-t'ien

Traditional Chinese: 韓非子
Simplified Chinese: 韩非子
Pinyin: Hán Fēizǐ
Wade-Giles: Han Fei-tzu

Kang Youwei
Chinese Name
PinyinKāng Yǒuwèi
Wade-GilesK'ang Yu-wei
Traditional Chinese康有為
Simplified Chinese康有为

Chinese name
Trad. 鄭韶婕
Simp. 郑韶婕
Pinyin Zhèng Shàojíe
WG Cheng Shao-chieh

The ancient Beijing skyline. The boxy look of buildings made in the 1970s.
The very modern contrast. Details of traditional architecture.
A mix of 70s and 90s styles. Mix and match the old and the new.

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. The ancient Beijing skyline.
2. The boxy look of buildings made in the 1970s.
3. The very modern contrast.''