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About Joining[edit]

I joined wikipedia much later then when I knew about it. I have been reading from wikipedia for about three years now. After seeing the slow progression from the Kabbalahistic and Hermetic sections. I decided to join. So here I am. I intend to help contribute as much as I can on the subjects I know about. Since I'm somewhat new, I do encourage people to fix any errors I may have made and whatnot and I will try to be as objective as humanly possible.

About Me[edit]

I was a Philosophy major, but had to take a break from college due to poverty. Although the experience gave me a heavy addiction to the most glorious product Ramen. In fact, the majority of my diet resolves around ramen, spinach, and green tea. However, I shall be going back to college soon. I spend most of my time studying obsessively on various subjects and sometimes wonder if daylight still exists. Then I go outside and yell "Ah! Hell! Why does the Sun have to be so Sunny! Oh! flower! Mmm... smells nice... wonder if I can eat it?" Perhaps it's best if I stay inside?


I have a various interests. Which shall be listed like so

My Kabbalahistic practices are largely influenced by the Sefer Yetzirah, and the Bahir Although, I do reject the Zohar. I am particularly influenced kabbalahisticly by Isaac Luria, Aryeh Kaplan, and Gershom Scholem. Hermeticly Speakly, I am influenced by mainly Paracelsus, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Eliphas Levi, Gerard Encausse, Nicholas Flamel, and Athanasius Kircher. *

My Literary Interests revolve around authors such as Lord Byron, Lewis Carrol, Yukio Mishima, Aleister Crowley, William Blake, [[Soseki Natsume], Anne Sexton, Sappho, Michael Moorcock, Franz Kafka, Oscar Wilde, and Abe Kobo well, at least that gives you a feel for my literary interests. **

Political Philosophy tends to be my infatuation with Nationalism, Peronism, and Socialism Although my own political theory could be more concidered that of a bizare form of Constitutional Monarchical Socialist Republic Democracy. ***

Other then that, I enjoy Gardening, and Alphabets. I know alphabets is a weird thing to be interested in. But i have a very bizare fascination for Phonetics and Grammar. Perhaps spawned with my interest of Asian Literature and Kabbalahistic Studies