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Is there any reason for this page to be here rather than at simply romantic music? I don't think there's really an encyclopaedia article in slushy love songs ("Romantic music is a form of music exemplified by Chris De Burgh's 'Lady in Red'" and so on - just thinking about it makes me shudder) and every time I want to link to this page I can't remember where it's located. Of course, there isn't much of an article here at the moment, but I plan to write something (one day, honest) --Camembert

My preference as a title for this page would be "Romanticism (music)" Andre Engels

I would prefer a title that didn't have to use parenthesis (otherwise pipes must be used). --mav

I think Chris de Bleurgh is called "Easy Listening". Or "Cheesy Listening" ... ;-) I second Cam. -- Tarquin 14:57 Sep 2, 2002 (PDT)

I don't think that very much discussion is needed on this, so I'll just make the change (to the title suggested by Camembert). Andre Engels