Wilhelm His Jr.

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Wilhelm His Jr.
Nicola Perscheid - Wilhelm His Internist 1902.jpg
Born(1863-12-29)29 December 1863
Died10 November 1934(1934-11-10) (aged 70)
Known forBundle of His

Wilhelm His Jr. (29 December 1863 – 10 November 1934) was a Swiss cardiologist and anatomist, son of Wilhelm His Sr..

In 1893, His discovered the bundle of His, the collection of specialized cardiac muscle cells in the heart that transmits electrical impulses and helps synchronize contraction of the cardiac muscles. Later in life, as a professor of medicine at the University of Berlin, he was one of the first to recognize that "the heartbeat has its origin in the individual cells of heart muscle."

Werner–His disease (or trench fever) was also named after him.

Angle of His (or incisura cardiaca) was posthumously named after him by Daniel John Cunningham in 1906.[1]



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