Cape Beale Light

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Cape Beale Lighthouse
Cape Beale Light.JPG
Cape Beale Lighthouse
LocationCape Beale
Vancouver Island
British Columbia
Coordinates48°47′11″N 125°12′56″W / 48.78639°N 125.21556°W / 48.78639; -125.21556Coordinates: 48°47′11″N 125°12′56″W / 48.78639°N 125.21556°W / 48.78639; -125.21556
Constructed1874 (first)
Constructionsteel skeletal tower
Tower height10 metres (33 ft)
Tower shapesquare pyramidal tower with balcony and lantern, central cylinder, slatted daymarks on three sides
Markingsred tower and lantern
OperatorCanadian Coast Guard[1]
Heritageheritage lighthouse Edit this on Wikidata
First lit1958 (current)
Focal height48 metres (157 ft)
CharacteristicFl WR 5s.
Admiralty no.G5256
NGA no.13836
CCG no.0176
ARLHS no.CAN-091

Cape Beale Lightstation is an active manned lighthouse on Vancouver Island in British Columbia., Canada.


The lighthouse was built in 1874 and its focal plane is 51 meters above sea level. The present tower was built in 1958 and marks the entrance to Barkley Sound. It is 10 metres tall. Cape Beale received its name from Charles William Barkley, captain of the Imperial Eagle, who named it for his ship's purser, John Beale. The lighthouse is best known for its proximity to the West Coast Trail which is the theoretical route survivors of shipwrecks would take to get to the nearby community of Bamfield.

From 1971 to 1998, the Cape Beale Light was part of the British Columbia Shore Station Oceanographic Program, collecting coastal water temperature and salinity measurements for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans everyday for 27 years.[2]

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